Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Many people go on vacation to have a good time and relax, however when you sign up for Lifeworks over the weeks you learn how rewarding it is for once to disregard your own needs and solely focus on giving back to the community and impacting other people’s lives. Today was one of the days that we gave back to the community by mangroving. The day like most other days started somewhat early with our daily morning music. With eyes still heavy with sleep we stumbled through a delicious breakfast cooked by our talented chefs Omar and Megan, and after a fast clean-up set sail to West End. After about an hour of a combination of motoring and sailing, we reached the Marina. While docking at the all too familiar dock, we were suddenly reminded that only four days remained of our trip and that being in the Caribbean would be a thing of the past. However, the prospect of leaving didn’t dampen our spirits as we made a quick pit stop onshore and then finally to the beach where we would be collecting data on the newly planted mangroves. Once we reached the beach, we were divided into three groups to more efficiently collect data. We were met by the daunting prospect of measuring and writing down coordinates of all 250 mangroves, however after about an hour of hard work; we were already done. Earlier I had said that Lifeworks was based on giving back, however, we have few precious hours to have relax and hang out. After mangrove, we were lucky enough to have a free afternoon, so once again we raised the sail and headed over to Sandy Spit to spend time with Lifeworks and enjoy some off time. Sun, laughter and the ocean provided an amazing couple of hours, and we headed back tired and content. The rest of the day passed by like a blur interrupted by, once again, a yummy dinner, and a session of making Turks Heads. Finally, after a very long day, we headed to our beds and fell in a deep, satisfying sleep.