Location: Galapagos to Quito

Today we traveled back to Quito. We woke up early to take an amazing boat trip through Black Turtle Cove. We were able to see tons of cool animals like sharks, turtles and spotted eagle rays. It was the perfect way to wake up. The turtles were resting on the sand under the water, and one huge one woke up to follow our boat out of the mangroves! The eagle rays were probably the most majestic creatures we’ve seen in the water so far, the way they move through the water is truly comparable to the soaring of an eagle. After that, we said goodbye to our boat Guantanamera and made our way to the airport. The flights were full of laughs and games because for the first time we got to all sit together in two rows! Fortunately, the other passengers didn’t mind our high volume. After the flight, we came back to Hosteria San Carlos where we were able to catch the last couple minutes of the final for the World Cup. Afterward, we went out for the end of trip dinner. It was so much fun. We ate tons and tons of pizza but saved room for a dessert of chocolate cakes and a surprise birthday treat of ice cream (Victoria told the waiter it was her birthday much to the amusement of our tribe). We are all so excited about rafting tomorrow but are getting very sad about leaving. As we begin the closing program activities, we’re truly starting to realize the value of the experiences we’ve had this summer. We have had such a fun trip together!