Location: Townsville

We started the day nice and early after half of us finally sleep under the stars on the deck of Eureka 2. We said our goodbyes to Frenchie, Dutchie, and Mal, and made our way to the bus station. After a quick 5-hour bus ride, we arrived in Townsville. We then made a quick stop at our new hostel to drop off our bags and get settled in with our rooms before proceeding on our way to Reef Headquarters. At Reef HQ we were able to take a quick walk around the aquarium before our private tour of all the behind the scenes action. Afterward, we caught a cab ride to Townsville town fair, or “The Show” as the locals would call it. We were able to do a variety of activities there; including bumper cars, lots of rides, and watch a monster truck jam and a firework show. After our long day of traveling and fun, we went back to our new home and went to bed.