Location: Townsville

Today was very different than any other day we’ve had so far. We started the day by sleeping in until almost 9:00 am. Then we had a warm breakfast sandwich composed of toasted English muffins with fresh fried eggs and Canadian bacon. After breakfast, we took a shuttle to the Billabong animal sanctuary where our tour guide Jules showed us all the animals. Everyone got their picture taken while holding a koala. Then Jules showed us other animals such as an olive python, a baby saltwater crocodile and a wombat, and we even got to hold most of them! Finally, she took us to view a large croc jump most of the way out of the water to get its food. It was so cool. After our tour, we decided to sit down and eat lunch. For the first time since we got here, we planned not to have sandwiches for lunch, which was exciting. The chefs had a buffet style taco lunch in mind, but nobody had grabbed the chicken and sour cream before we left the hostel. We ended up eating food from the sanctuary and having the tacos for dinner. After lunch, many of us rushed to buy seeds from the store so that we could feed the kangaroos that were wandering around the park freely. There were also plenty of ducks and geese to feed there. There was a short bird show, and after it was over, the park ranger let our group play with a parakeet. We stayed long enough to see the dingo show and got to pet them and take pictures with them as well. After we saw all the animals there were to see, we went back into the shuttle and were driven to an outlook on Castle Hill. Now we are back in the hostel and trying to finish up a few loads of laundry before we leave freakishly early tomorrow morning.