Location: Tjapukai & Cairns

This morning we woke up at a whopping 5:45 am in an attempt to get to the bus station at 6:20 am. We made it to the bus station and the 6-hour ride went by quite fast, surprisingly. We got off the coach and onto a van that took us to the Tjapukai, an Australian aboriginal cultural park where we learned about indigenous medicine and plants, got to learn how to throw a spear, a boomerang, and we learned a dance they do at ceremonies. Keeley, the Left-handed Boomerang Master, was by far the best boomerang thrower around. After learning how the aboriginal people lived and functioned, we went to our motel in Cairns. There we met Sapphire. Sapphire is the motel dog that has bad allergies but is the sweetest thing ever. Then, Rowan, Joe and I made our way to the nearest grocery store to get enough food for three days of meals. Joe and I have been assigned designated chefs after we made bacon, egg, and cheese English muffins and the wonderful fajitas. It had been a while since we have had home cooked food! Once we were back from the grocery store, we piled into taxis to head over to the night market where there was Chinese food EVERYWHERE! I believe this is where everyone got their last minute shopping done for their families. It was a fast but laid back day that ended with mandatory bonding. We are summoned by Momma Mulan and Faja Rowan every night to bond with everyone and voice our opinions and appreciations. If I could do it all again, I’d do it the same.