Location: West End, Tortola

It’s day 21! We can’t believe these past three weeks have gone by so fast. We have shared so many laughs and memories, and we were sad to see everyone leave this morning. All but four of the shipmates hopped on the first ferry, which left at 8 am, headed for St. Thomas. The four remaining shipmates left on the noon ferry, and we exchanged many hugs as we sent everyone off for a long day of traveling. Makena dedicated herself fully to each service project, pitching new ideas and adding creativity to make for a more exciting and enriching experience. Clara loved seeing the sea life and expressed her passion for animals and the environment. Shannon learned a lot about sailing and laughed all the time. Alysa and Maddy were always smiling and kept up morale every day. Parker and Seth used their outgoing personalities to make every project, no matter how difficult, a fun time. Griffin and Lachlan were constantly helping out and leading workouts of the roof. Carson, Nyah, and Katelyn held many a dance party on the trampoline, always talking in funny voices and making us laugh. Camille kept her cool in any situation, even during the roughest of sails–she was still sitting in the salon with a book, at peace with her surroundings. Caitlin was always entertaining everyone when she laughed in her sleep, and she was willing to pitch in on any task. In all, the crew and shipmates of Firebolt had an incredible time together, and we accomplished so much. Last night, we reflected on our experiences together and the projects we have completed that benefit the communities of the BVI in numerous ways. We wish everyone a wonderful rest of the summer, and hope to see you all again next year!!