Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was a rather tumultuous day from start to finish. For starters, I awoke to Em, one of our staff, jumping on our cabin like a bunny rabbit to wake us up. As usual, I rolled out of bed at a late pace due to the fact that I have been somewhat struggling to fall asleep on the boat each night. Always late to breakfast, I stumbled in, ready to handle today’s challenges. It was different, though, today. Today was our first project day where we truly got to help someone on the island, a local farmer and environmental educator named Jahnai. I was eager and excited, and I got ready to go somewhat fast. Before we could get to help Jahnai, we had to get to the island. Once we got to the island, it was about a 15-minute walk to Jahnai’s farm, where we would be building a greenhouse. As soon as we got there, I was introduced to Jahnai. He was extremely nice and friendly. He had lost his environmental job due to COVID and is now a passionate farmer and beekeeper. We quickly got to work. We started by clearing brush, digging up roots, and digging the 2’ by 2’ holes that would be needed to keep the greenhouse in the ground. The hard part, though, was digging the holes, and after that, it was smooth sailing. I even got to talk to Jahnai a little about life on the island and himself during one of our lunch breaks. After finally completing the greenhouse and almost passing out from exhaustion in the process, it was time to get going. Once back to the dock, we were informed we would get a little shore time and phone time in Spanish Town. Once I had my phone in my possession, I immediately responded to my parents and friends. I also listened to a lot of music. When back on the boat, we started to get ready for a barbecue in which some of the ActionQuest boats would socialize. It was us and a couple of dive-side boats that got together. Right off the bat, everyone grabbed food and sat down. After a bit, two other students and I went over to talk with some of the AQ people. I had already known a few just because I like to talk to everyone, but they were pretty shy. After hanging out for a couple of hours, we headed back to our boat and ended the day.