Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We started the day bright and early, rolling out of bed at around 6:45. Our chefs of the day, Noah and Rosie, treated us to some delicious French toast, accompanied by various condiments and add-ons. We were planning on stopping for some shore time at the dock in Leverick Bay, so we all rushed to clean up from breakfast as we refilled our water to hopefully make it off the dock in time before our boat left to moor. In Leverick Bay, we had many options for activities, but most of us headed straight for the grocery store, looking for caffeine and sugar. The general store had delicious donuts and friendly staff, proving the stop worth it. We then headed outside, diving into our amassed snacks and discussing our first week on the boat. Sequentially, we split up into smaller groups, exploring the small town, occasionally stopping for food and shopping. At 9:30, we all rushed back to the dock to catch the dinghy, trailing our snacks and brand new t-shirts. Once back on the boat, we did a full cabin clean, uncovering many disgusting things in the process but knowing it would ease further cleaning. Afterward, we were briefed on a schedule change causing us to not head to Anegada, instead rerouting back towards Spanish Town to finish the greenhouse we started yesterday. On the way over, we enjoyed lunch; Noah and Rosie prepared a spread of delish mix-ins for the deli sandwiches scheduled for the day. Arriving in Spanish Town, shovels in hand, we trekked once again toward Jahnai’s farm, prepared to finish our project. Upon reaching our destination, we got to work, sawing support beams and drilling the final pieces together. Working hard, we leveled the ground and called it done, leaving a sense of accomplishment in each of us, along with the gift of seeing the final result. We again headed back to the boat, prepared to travel back to Savannah bay and spend the night. We encountered a small complication raising anchor [James’ (aka. Jame, JRob, Jimbo Jambo Robby Bobby, Steve Oxygen, etc.) fault], so we decided to spend our night outside of beautiful Spanish Town, enjoying a once again scrumptious meal of burritos and salsa for Mexican night. Our meal concluded in an extra special double squeeze before continuing into our evening program.