Location: Monkey Point, Guana Island

We arose to a refreshing light rain that made our sleeping sacks mildly soggy. After dropping off Dara at Trellis Bay, we went to Monkey Point to look for turtles and trash. We divided up into two groups to clean up surrounding beaches and look for turtles. We searched via a dinghy pull where you are towed while snorkeling across the water in an attempt to find the turtles. The manta-tow dinghy pull was actually very relaxing as you don’t have to really exert yourself and just look around for turtles and other cool sea creatures. I was in the first group, and we saw several tarpons, aka shark-looking fish, a stingray, and schools of fish. We didn’t see any turtles, so we pulled a fast and furious style dinghy ride* (Editor’s note: The dinghy ride was done in a completely safe way, not actually “fast and furious” – James) courtesy of Jimbo Jombo Robbie Bobbie. In the second group, they filled a bag with trash while dodging fire ants. (“don’t put that in, it makes us seem weak” — Noah.) We then had a lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches which we savagely ate and battled over. The groups then switched jobs. The turtle group, this time also, didn’t see any turtles. Then, not 5 minutes later, we saw a turtle surface 10 feet from the cockpit. Then Em, Sam, Eric, Callie, and Trevor assembled Avenger style, dove into the water, and attempted to get the turtle. Unfortunately, the slimy little guy escaped the grips of our fingers. Back on the boat, Callie made brownies using some ingenious substitutes to welcome Dara back onto the boat. While those were cooking in our snail of an oven, we booked it to Trellis Bay. Once the brownies were done, and Dara was back, we had brownies that were volcano-hot and but nobody dropped because they were great brownies — thank you, Callie. For dinner, it was Thanksgiving night, and Elsa and Trevor are pulled a Masterchef. Shout out to my parents.