Location: Kanchanaburi

Today we were welcomed into a new school filled with new happy faces who we were preparing to teach. We were now going to teach 7th and 8th graders some fun games and dances, yet teaching them English as well. As soon as Bobby and I were shown where the stereo was, we started playing a game of musical chairs. All kids and adults seemed to enjoy the music playing from my phone and my ridiculous dance moves. While the group of kids were alternating stations between us lifework members, I started teaching some of the older girls dances that are common from such as the Cha Cha Slide and the Wobble. From one group of kids to the next, the adults seemed very intrigued in the dances, so intrigued that they asked us Lifeworks members to go on stage and teach everyone the Cha Cha Slide.

After dancing for 2 hours at the school, we got back just in time for lunch and some free time that was well spent as a group. We then were given key chains to paint, but as soon as we all knew it, the paint was on our faces, and the room was blasting with music and the sound of our terrible voices. We all pulled out our best dance moves and posed for a fun photo shoot we had amongst ourselves with Mary Elizabeth’s beautiful camera.

Finally, the kids returned from school, and we had the honor to not only help the kids with some of their chores but also really get to know and understand the variety of responsibilities they have. Honestly, it was amazing seeing some 4year olds ironing their clothes and cleaning the floors and stairs of their little home. As soon as they were all done, we started playing a mean game of volleyball, and I got to have a little photo shoot with some of the kids… I had way too much fun. After dinner, we had some activities prepared for us to play, and to end our night, we all got on stage and taught the Cha Cha Slide one more time. You could say we got our groove on today.