Location: Kanchanaburi

Today we woke up to the classic breakfast of french fries and cereal. Quickly we were on a school bus filled with smiles from children we were going to teach English. I never thought that I would stand in front of a classroom, have students listen to me, and be so excited for a day of school. By the end of the morning, my partner and I had finished teaching six different classes, all different ages. Getting a chance to teach something was much harder than most of us expected it to be. Giving the students all our energy was completely worth it because several times throughout the day you make connections with the children that they will never forget. It is incredibly surprising how it is possible to connect with people you cannot even have a normal conversation with. In some way, we are all the same and find ways to express ourselves. Every day spent with these children you learn more about each of them and find ways to bond. These connections give them a sense of hope, comfort, and most importantly a step back from their tragic realities that are difficult to face. Giving individual time to be their happy selves is the most important thing I was looking forward to finding on this journey. Today, we all found that, whether it was during breakfast or fireworks in the night.