Location: Kanchanaburi

Today was our first full day of service at the Duang Prateep Foundation. After a big breakfast, we were given a presentation explaining the entire process of rice farming and got special attire for the occasion. We then went off to the rice fields and joined some of the students of the foundation. We all started to plant the rice in a line and making our way to the end of the field walking backward.

At first, we were all working in a professional manner, very concentrated and focused on what we were doing, making sure to follow the exact instruction we were given. However, things soon got agitated as the children became more aware of the environment and the mudĀ of the field. This is how we then all started a big mud fight. When we finished, we went swimming in a nearby pond to wash the mud off and then were treated to some traditional Thai sweets.

Later on, we had an arts and crafts workshop which involved decorating bags and then went off to a river to swim with some more students. The water was fresh, and everyone had fun. The staff of the foundation who accompanied us taught us how to make Som Tum, a traditional Thai salad. I can say for sure that we all passed a very agreeable and calm afternoon.

To conclude the day we had dinner and activities planned for the children and us. The activities included multiple chicken dances and games. This made us bond within the group as well as with the students.