Location: The Amazon to Quito

Today we woke up early in the Amazon for our final morning in the rainforest. After a quick breakfast, we headed to a local market where some brave people decided to try eating live grubs…ew. After a little shopping in the market, we rushed to the airport to catch our flight back to Quito! In Quito, we stopped by the supermarket to get snacks for the following week in the Andes just in case there was something specific we wanted. Some people also stopped by the internet cafe to make calls home. Later, we decided it was time to tango! At a local dance studio, we took a salsa dancing lesson where we learned some pretty intense moves (and they made you a little dizzy.) It was so much fun though, to the surprise of many! We then headed out for a fancy dinner at a local restaurant. Following dinner, we had to pack our bags for the much-awaited trip to the Andes mountains early the next day!