Location: The Amazon

We started our early morning off by taking a hike through the jungle where the first Olympic competitions began. Each team selected a member to climb up most of a 45-meter tree with no branches, only using our feet and hands. While some could climb up the tree as easy as walking, some could barely make it halfway. As we walked further, we all had the chance to eat some vitamin C straight from the jungle…ants. Cracking open a stem from a plant, we all scooped up the tiny ants and ate them. Towards the end of the hike, we climbed up a tower that stood above the Amazonian Canopy and overlooked the Napo River. Afterward, we got ready for another competition and began our canoe race. As people rammed into the sides of the river and almost fell out of boats, we all finally made it to the little island beach where we played soccer tournaments and had synchronized swimming contests. After a full morning, we went back to the lodge for a lunch break, and to get prepared for the afternoon’s activities. Taking a boat to Hectors Island, we competed against each other in blowing blow darts out of 7-foot blowpipe, throwing wooden spears at targets, running and crab walking in relay races, and swimming races. At the end of the exhausting competitive day, we went back for dinner and a talent show around the campfire and under the stars. We roasted marshmallows and watched as each group showed their talents and listened to songs on the guitar. This concluded our amazing last night in the Amazon.