Location: Amazon

Hi again! It’s Nora and Blake back by popular demand. (Just Kidding) We’re rotating leaders for a second time now that everyone has gone, so that means it’s back to us.

Today was day 2 of service work in the Amazon. We walked and walked carrying plants to the sites where they would grow. It was incredibly muddy and slipper but thanks to the rubber boots that Hector gave us we were invincible. The plants we carried will grow into three different types of trees: Cedar, Mahogany and uummmm a Spanish word we could not remember but a hardy tree none the less. After a tiring morning, we were all happy to sit down and have a yummy lunch with each other and the people from the community. After that, it was back to walking. Hector told us the walks to the different spots would get shorter. Hector tricked us, but we were happy to be walking and eating all sorts of different fruits that the locals grabbed from the trees on the way. Then it was back to our bus and boat commute, and we had a few hours to relax before dinner. The two Olympic competitions for the evening were also announced so that we could get ready. They were: A rap-off and a trivia game. After dinner, anyone who wanted to could go for a night hike led by hector through the jungle, and it was almost all 20 of us. We saw lots of animals and scary spiders. Nora and her teammate Hannah spent most of the hike composing a hilarious rap that would later win them a silver medal. There was a full moon, and the sky looked beautiful. We made our way back for the Olympic games where everyone had a blast.

As much as Nora would love to title this “The Amazonazing Jungle” she thinks people will not want to be her friend and is choosing against it. Everyone here wishes their family and friends well and will see them soon.