Location: Taiyuan

Hey, Y’all!

This morning we woke up at 6 and headed onto the bus for breakfast on the go. Our first destination was the Hanging Monastery. Everyone had an adrenaline rush while climbing the Hanging Monastery because they were hanging off a cliff, only supported by old wooden beams. The monastery was super detailed and had so many colors and architectural complexity. After exploring all of the nooks and crannies, we headed back to the bus. We were all super psyched for lunch at this point, so we headed down the mountain and found a little restaurant in which we ate interesting Chinese food. Our next stop was the state-run orphanage. After a three-hour bus ride, we finally made it to the orphanage where we played with mentally disabled kids for about an hour. At first, we were all a little nervous but once the kids warmed up to us and once we all realized that they were content despite their difficult situation we were able to put our differences behind us and interact with them. After the orphanage, we went to dinner at a famous noodle restaurant! We were then treated with dinner and a “show” of a guy on a unicycle shaving noodles off of his head… He belongs in our frat (TAU KAPPA KAPPA KAPPA KAPPA EPSILON SIGMA OMICRON PI 3.14159265.) The food was SUPER GOOD, and when our bellies were finally full, we headed to our hotel. After completing another successful squeeze and then reflecting on our day at the orphanage, we went to bed! 

Cya tomorrow!


-Claire and Julia