Location: China

It’s hard to believe that we only have just over a week left in the trip! This past couple of weeks have been filled with tons of Chinese food, lots of babies, excursion after excursion, pretending to know the lyrics to Chinese songs, dancing, endless singing, and more. I think it’s safe to say that this group has become a family. I remember Sarah and Claire asking us if we could “live at the baby home” because they were having such an amazing time…it was actually a real battle to get them out of that infant room! Moshe and Sheindel helped 3 other volunteers run a “sensory” class for 3-5 year old mentally disabled kids for the first time and did a phenomenal job. You might have also seen some pictures with Julia and Georgia tirelessly climbing up slide ladders and jumping around with some of their new friends at New Hope. Today, Ren made a pretty special and memorable connection when she used her creativity to make a little blind girl smile and laugh. Nick could probably describe some of his funnier baby moments better than we could, but I think we’d agree that he’s done an awesome job with the babies and kids as well. We’re currently scrambling around the apartment getting packed for tomorrow’s 3-day adventure out into the Buddhist caves, Taiyuan, and more. Next stop, hot pot dinner and our 4th of July celebration… karaoke!