Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Thanks to our staff members’ prank for David’s birthday, our day started out at 3 AM when the Cha-Cha Slide BLASTING awakened us. After we finally got some more sleep, we woke up again at a normal time for our morning routine. Since it was David’s birthday, he got to DJ — so breakfast was very amusing. After breakfast, we quickly boarded the dinghies to complete our final project. We went on shore to Peter Island and learned lots of history about the island and the work we would be doing. Afterward, we all got started collecting rocks, weeding, making cement, or just beautifying the property. The main goal was to complete a cement patio porch. After two weeks of working on projects, it was nice to give the last of our energy and to see the impact we could make.

When we made it back to the boat, we had some lunch that consisted of sandwiches and chicken salad. Then we got to have some fun! It was our last chance to relax and swim. We were allowed to jump off of the hard-top and to swing in the water from the lines. Some of us played water jumping games, some of us tanned, some of us just swam, but we all had a blast.

I had been looking forward to driving the boat the ENTIRE trip, and I got my chance at last when we sailed from Peter Island to Norman Island. It was harder than I expected, but also so much fun.

In the anchorage at Norman Island, we had a chance to take a freshwater shower down below or to take our final saltwater shower. I, among many others, opted to take a saltwater shower, because sadly it would potentially be our last time swimming in the Caribbean Sea. After showers, some of us “tanned” before going to have dinner that was cooked by our excellent chef Teo and the birthday boy, David. After a few more birthday punches, we will all head to sleep after another great day on the water.