Location: New Life Project, Chumphon Province

Today we had another early morning. We woke up at 5:30 for our workout. It didn’t last long though because it began raining halfway through the jumping jacks and push-ups. After, we had the option to help the boys with the morning chores or go back to bed. Sad to say, many chose the ladder. We then had the traditional breakfast of french fries and cocoa cereal and were ready to begin the day. We started with the group splitting in two. One half made fried banana chips, while the other made glass art. I began by making the glass, which was made possible with the help of the boys from the New Life Project. The art involved choosing a design, and then carving it onto a piece of plastic which was laid on top of glass. We then lined the glass with clay and a chemical was poured. When it was finished, the design was transferred onto the glass. After these activities we had a little break and then it was lunch time.

For lunch, chicken and rice were served, along with the traditional Thai fruit. After lunch, it was time for the beach! When we got to the beach many people swam in the ocean, while others laid and tanned. The ocean, despite being beautiful, was filled with kelp and the bottom was lined with a thick clay-like substance that made it difficult to walk. However, both Lifeworks and the guys of Chumporn bonded while splashing through the water. When everyone was all beached out, we made our way back to the center and had time to shower and relax outside before dinner. Dinner was awesome! Everything fried you could imagine was served, and for dessert we were given something that resembled a snow cone. After this, it was performance time!

The boys dressed up in outfits and danced to music, and, in one song, they dressed up as women. It was hilarious! They then played instruments and did a dance with fire, which amazed us all. After their performances, it was our turn. Juliet went up on stage and showed us her Tang Soo Do moves and Emily W sang her beautiful rendition of A Whole New World. Finally, because it was Elisa’s birthday, they made her a cake and sang to her. She was also given a t-shirt, which was really sweet of the staff and members. After, we said some goodbyes and finally went to sleep. It was another wonderful day in Thailand.