Location: New Life Project, Chumphon Province

Today we didn’t get another day to sleep in as we all had to wake up at 5:30 for our morning workout. This morning workout wasn’t too bad as we didn’t do that much. After the work out we all went to different jobs such as feeding the animals, watering the plants, or picking up leaves. Afterward,¬†we had a little break before breakfast at 8. After breakfast, we collected palm fruit to make palm oil. We took the pickup truck into town and sold the palm fruit. After selling the palms, we had a small break, so we all made bracelets together which was a lot of fun. Then we had lunch. Today lunch was very good: red pork and rice and soup. After lunch, we played games where we threw baby powder onto each other’s faces which was very funny. We all had white faces! Then after we celebrated Sonkran, the Thai New Year which is usually celebrated in April. To celebrate we had buckets of water and splashed everyone around us until we all were soaked. Everyone had such a good time. Later on, we had another break which we all took showers then went to dinner at 8 and then went to bed because we all were exhausted after another great day in Thailand! HELLO, MOM AND DAD, I MISS YOU BOTH! Say hi to everyone for me!