Location: San Jose

This morning we slept in a bit and had a traditional Costa Rican breakfast. We headed off to a long day of work near La Carpio, but not in it. We were helping a man named Michael, who was paralyzed from the waist down due to gunshots. We started by moving all the furniture out of the house. Next, we cut wire for the cement base. For 3 hours, we shoveled sand, rocks, and concrete to make cement! While some were shoveling, others were playing with Michael’s son, Nicky, and painting the neighbor’s walls mint green. After four long hours of good, hard work, we enjoyed Pizza Hut for lunch! After our filling meal, we drove to the children’s museum and met little kids to take them around the museum. They were all so cute, and we all had a blast! We had to say our goodbyes to the precious kids and La Carpio and headed back to the hotel. We enjoyed fried chicken for dinner and are excited to sleep in tomorrow!