Location: San Jose

Buenos dias!

The day started off with Costa Rican breakfast, which was very delicious. Hugo, aka the bus driver, drove us to La Carpio. Once we arrived at La Carpio, we helped out with the food distribution to those in need. After finishing the food distribution, we went to the nursery and taught the kids some English and eventually played with them ( the kids made bracelets for us to keep). We had a very delicious and calm lunch after an exhausting time with the kids. Then the old ladies from La Carpio prepared a play about drugs and how they change your life and how it changed their lives. As our last job of the day we went to Dona Licha’s house to shovel gravel and sand, which was really hard work, so as a treat we got mango that Dona Licha grows. We then finally arrived at the hotel and had some chill time and a delicious dinner.

Buenas Noches!