Location: San Jose

We woke up at 7:30, which was quite rough. We had some delicious breakfast, which was followed by a long car ride that entailed many naps. We started off the workday with meeting wonderful women named Gail who founded a company that helps refugees and struggling Costa Rican’s make it by. We then went and explored the cruel realities that La Carpio Costa Ricans deal with regularly. Then had the opportunity to play and sing songs with some of the children of the town at one of the children centers. After that, we ate lunch with the refugees and learned a little bit about their journey and how they came to Costa Rica. After we were done eating, we finally started working and helped a grandmother who is a role model for all the citizens of La Carpio. The lady we helped was living in very difficult living conditions, yet still lived a very happy and content life. La Carpio is a small town that is situated in between very polluted rivers and a garbage dump. This provides a profound perspective for all of us to look back on our lives. Then after that, we went home, ate, and slept.