Location: Lima

After stuffing ourselves with food the night before, it was finally time to go. During our final goodbye session, we looked back on the trip together, shared some great memories and talked about some exciting stories of things to look forward to. In between some tears and more laughter, we exchanged last minute cards and big hugs and made our despedidas to one another. Jami and Cosi had different flight plans, so we made sure to say goodbye to them before leaving the hotel. Mariana then left to the airport with the first group of 3, and Meca & Evan went with the second group of 10 in the middle of the night (luckily there were some 80’s jams on the radio to keep us all awake during the bus ride there). We all checked in for our flights and made our way through security. It’s officially time to go home.

…and there it goes! How three weeks could fly by so quickly is something we’re all still trying to figure out. Now that everyone is off in different corners of the world, we are now ready to be starting new adventures as changed people. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this was a truly unforgettable experience that united 18 individuals (each with their own unique stories) by exploring one shared goal: to help others. Gracias, Peru y hasta luego! (And don’t forget, paciencia es una virtud).