Location: Lima

Today was one of our final days together, so naturally, it was one of our most emotional ones. We started the day off with our flight from Cuzco to Lima, but the most memorable part of the day didn’t come until the end of the day when we exchanged our (almost) final goodbyes. Liz, Kaylee Z, and Nikki are heading out. First, the next group of 10 goes back with Evan, Jami will stay in Peru a bit longer, and finally, Cosi will be on her way home later tomorrow. It’s crazy how close a group of people can get throughout a short three weeks. Saying goodbye feels like saying goodbye to a family member. I think I can speak for the whole group when I say we’ve all formed an unbreakable bond. Despite all the sadness, I know I will always look back on this trip with the utmost fondness. The memories our group made will last a lifetime, and the service we provided touched even more lives.