Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we had an eventful day. When we woke up, we motored to road town, and we ate cereal underway. Upon arrival, we docked and walked to our service project at the botanical garden. At the botanical garden, we did many projects including painting a shed, potting plants and leveling dirt. After our labor filled morning, we had two hours of shore time where we received our phones and had lunch on shore. After our relaxing shore time, we motored back the same anchorage as the morning where we rafted with our other lifeworks boat, Catalinaville. While rafted we were briefed about our afternoon activity which was setting up fake injuries and having rookies from Virgin Island Search and Rescue team come and practice as if they were real. It was very interesting learning how to put the injured on a stretcher, secure them and transport them to the hospital. We all learned a lot from VISAR most importantly I would say is being cautious on the boat to avoid any major injuries, luckily we have had none so far. After our long day, we had delicious Mexican food for dinner cooked by our chefs Graham and Taylor! For our evening program, we did the Lifeworks Forum, talking about our life values. All in all, today was another fun-filled day in the British Virgin Islands!

    **Staff note: This was a practice scenario for the Virgin Islands Search and Rescue Team. Not an actual injury or emergency. 🙂