Location: Cabecar

Today was a lazy day. Just kidding, we never have lazy days! Today we conquered a two-hour long hike up a mountain in the hot sun to visit another indigenous tribe called the Cabecar to deliver educational supplies to the locals. But before we could even start, we had to cross a huge and wobbly suspension footbridge that hardly classifies as such. After all of us made it across alive, we entertained ourselves by playing thought games that made the hike go by quickly. Once we got to the top, we delivered whiteboards, markers, paint supplies and some books and ate a delicious meal of arroz con pollo. Then some of the local women showed us how they use bark to make fabric used in clothes and blankets, how to make a string out of palm needles, and how different types of seeds can be used to make paint. After we finished, we headed back down the mountain where we got on the bus and headed back to our host families in San Jose.