Location: San Jose

Today was a special day! We enjoyed each others company under San Jose’s hot sun as we shuffled through a busy shopping market that was filled with intricate handmade goodies. It was wonderful to be able to immerse ourselves into San Jose’s culture and form even stronger bonds than the ones we already had with each other. Even if we got funny stares from native ticos, it was an enjoyable morning to be with each other. Later in the day, we were taken to the bottom of a steep mountain which we then faced the challenge of tackling headfirst. After 25 minutes of only uphill, we reached a heavenly view of the central valley. We got into a deep conversation but were rudely interrupted by the rain that started beating down on our hot faces–but don’t worry; our beauty wasn’t disturbed. It soon became a vicious battle with Mother Nature trying to beat her at her own game. The dry mountain from before was unrecognizable amongst its wet rocks and slippery slopes. Believe it or not, we all lived to tell the tale. Not only did we live, but we made it out with no physical injuries aside from a little emotional distress! Dr. Rob Verde provided emotional support, but his music is hot enough to help us through it. When we were safely at the bottom, we went to our respective host families whom we all love to pieces.