Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today, we helped out with Mangrove Trees for the first time, went to Road Town and sailed to Great Harbor, Peter Island. I measured and reported the heights to the scribe. Some other things people did and jobs people had were counting PVC pipes possibly having mangroves in them, picking up trash, planting mangroves, counting seedlings, reported and found GPS coordinates, writing down or being a scribe, and did my job, height measuring. We also later had shore time or phone time in the capital, or most populated place in the British Virgin Islands called Road Town and I believe at one point we all were at a beautiful seaside restaurant, and I had a veggie stir fry and it was so good. After that, we sailed to Great Harbor, Peter Island and I steered the boat on a 40/40 day meaning the boat was always or usually slanted 40 degrees to one side or another. I got Doritos for somebody and cookies from somebody else, pretty nice, huh. Lastly, for dinner, we went Mexican and had a buffet.