Location: La Finca

Today was our last day at the Finca. When we got to the Finca, Nelson Sanchez was already working on the roof of the temple. We started helping and working on the beach by filling in the cement on the retaining wall. To do this, we had to mix our cement with shovels. One of the materials for the cement was small rocks delivered by Costa Rican “Home Depot” not quite the same as at home. We powered through and cemented the rock retaining wall. When we finished working on the temple, there was a ceremony involving some of the best Guacamole in the world. After the ceremony, we heard Jose’s story. Once Jose was finished we said our goodbyes and got on the bus. Later on in the night, we all watched “Voces Innocentes” which is a movie about the civil war in Latin America. It was a long day and after we all went to bed.