Location: Veragua

Hot EmpanadasTarantulas in our handsAnd Juan was asleep having finished at the Finca we started a three-hour bus ride to a bus research center where we would spend the night. The bus ride was nice after four days of work, and we stopped for a delicious second breakfast (elevensis). On the bus some of us read (Harry Potter anyone), some of us listened to music, and some of us took a nap. When we finally got Veragua (the bug center), we were excited to get some fresh air. After a quick lunch, we headed down to take a walk through the honest to good rainforest. We saw sloths, a boa and some bright red poison dart frogs. Then we toured the snake frog and butterfly centers. We had to wait for the night for the next part of our crash course in jungle bugs, but the night did not disappoint. We saw all sorts of super creepy bugs on our night walk including stick bugs, bullfrogs, and even a tarantula! We had to look out for the one-inch long bullet ants and wasps flying all around (I got stung). We also saw a monkey creature and owls. As you can imagine that night was not the most restful of nights. We were all on bug patrol.