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Location: Zent, Cabecar Village, Moin

Today we began our day with pancakes, cereal, and delicious mangos. After we finished eating breakfast we began our long drive to visit the indigenous group the Cabecares. We crossed a river in our bare feet and hiked up a mountain to play soccer with some of the teens in the Cabecar tribe. We mixed up the teams and started an intense game we ran up and down the field getting covered up in mud. At the end of the game we were all exhausted but the locals were still ready to play more. Unfortunately we unable to break their souls because the women were waiting to share their culture with us. At the end of their presentation we had an opportunity to buy their handmade crafts. Finally to finish the day we ate at rico con coco the dinner was delicious and tasty. After dinner we checked into Maribu Caribe and enjoyed a night swim.