Location: Pacuare River

Today we woke up bright and early and headed out for white water rafting after prescreening. Once we got the lodge, we enjoyed our second breakfast. We then headed for the river. To reach the river we had to ride down an extremely bumpy mountain in a cart behind a tractor reminiscent of something that would collect hay. When we arrived at the river, we geared up with helmets, life jackets, and paddles. Then we all got on our rafts and learned about the safety commands. The smell of the wind, the sight of the water, and the feel of the trees around us were overwhelming. We were floating through the primary rainforest on the Pacuare River on a sunny day. It is difficult to describe such detailed emotions to those who haven’t experienced it (to the parents reading this I suggest you try this if you ever come to Costa Rica). The most amazing part of it all was when our rafts pulled to the side of the river for lunch and a waterfall swim. A majestic pool hidden deep within the forest is literally what people dream about. Imagine a waterfall pounding down into a beautiful pool surrounded by rocks one of which was a jumping rock that we all took advantage of. There was also a large smooth rock with water sliding down it. One could imagine a unicorn of some sorts flying about the clouds and sun above. After we were done swimming, we flipped over one of the rafts for a table and enjoyed a delicious lunch. The raft that had just been used on the water flipped over to transform into a convenient table! We made sandwiches and enjoyed fantastic fruit. It seems like the fruits in Costa Rica might be the best in the world. The taste of the pineapple and the watermelon are sharply defined and ingrained into ones taste buds, filling the mouth with delight. We sat down on some rocks and renourished the rainforest glowing around us a beautiful dark green, interrupted only by the brown of the tree trunks and water.

Reinvigorated boarded the rafts and set off anew. We developed a habit somewhere along the river of trying to count so that our paddles could remain in sync while paddling. Here we go down the rapids! Soaked and happy we disembarked at the end of our rafting for the day. Taking of our safety gear, we headed for the hammock oasis. Our rustic lodge was nestled in the wilderness overlooking the river. We then had a safety talk on zip lining and hiked up the trail for our next adventure. We soared through the sky the air whooshing around our faces and the sounds of birds as we zipped down the line we felt a small rush of adrenaline as we picked up speed. Everyone went even Olivia who faced her fear of heights! We headed back to the hammocks and then off to another swimming hole. Dinner was delicious and later we gathered for a meeting where we had to describe ourselves using three words. It was surprisingly hard at first because there wasn’t much to choose from and then because you had to pick. Juan did the best. We then played a few games of backgammon. A few of us were lucky enough to sleep in hammocks and a light breeze rocked up through the night and into the next morning.