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Location: Pacuare River

We awoke to the morning geckos and rushing rapids; we ventured off into the wilderness on a morning hike. We followed our guide Jorge to a beautiful waterfall and swimming spot. Many took the “plunge” into the icy refreshing water, whiles others stood back and chose to watch Devin jumping off the rocks and Omar trying to do the same. We then headed back, and upon our return we scarfed down a bunch of banana pancakes and played an epic game of backgammon. After packing all of our belongings in big dry bags we put on our helmets and life jackets and to the river to continue rafting. The hot sun blazed upon us as we rafted through class 4 rapids. We stopped along the river to hike to an incredible waterfall. As the day went on, what would become known as the “battle of dos montanas” raged on as the guide boat including Ashley, Camille, and Juan took over the guys and girls boats pirate style. Arrrg! As rafting came to a finish we all showered up and ate a delicious lunch. It was then off to the home stays. At first we were all nervous, but very excited. We all had a great day and love our home stay families.