Location: Pacuare River

It was not your typical firework-filled Fourth of July but giving up one holiday could not have been more worth it. We began the day at the Finca where we made all of the bunk bed pieces and attempted to fix a kitchen counter. The bunk beds we were making were to be assembled in four houses in a low-income neighborhood. The families who were receiving the bunk beds lived in small tin roof houses, and they paid a reduced price for the bunk beds. Of course, to assemble the bunk beds, we had to move the premade pieces from the Finca to the mountainside neighborhood all on the same bus. Trust me it was not as easy as it sounds. The pieces were bulky and heavy, and our bus does not have a lot of extra space. The moving of the pieces was more difficult because some of them kept falling apart, but I guess that is expected when a bunch of teenagers makes a bed. Once at the neighborhood, we assembled the bunk beds and were pleased to discover how sturdy they were once assembled. Everyone who received a bed was very grateful, and it was very interesting to work inside of their homes. Like I said not your typical fourth, but it had an impact on the families that was more incredible than any firework.