Location: La Carpio and Piedades

After an amazing second night at our homestay family’s house, we headed off for La Carpio. We met up with Gail who of course had an incredibly long list of things that had to be done around the neighborhood. With our tool boxes and tons of cans of paint, we walked the streets of La Carpio to the former clinic which we would make into a library. After spilling a can of bright pink paint in the middle of the street (which ended up being a pretty sweetheart), we split into groups and started working. Everything was going smoothly the wall was being painted, and the abuelas were helping up clean up the library until the child-sized tornadoes came. A group of boys had crowded around us while we were painting and of course, they were fascinated by the bright colors. I mean what little kid isn’t fascinated by bright things. We decided we would let them join in painting the mural. Not the greatest idea they all grabbed their brush and attempted to paint inside the lines. I forgot how hard it is for eight-year-olds to stay inside of the lines. As adorable as it was to see how much fun they were having the mural ended up being a disaster that ended up having to be painted over again. Lesson learned? No matter how much we love them, CHILDREN are THE most destructive things in the world. Just give them chalk to draw with instead! After redoing the mural, we headed back home. What we thought was the end of our day ended up being something way different. I won’t go too into it, but we ended up playing a game that involved mounting your partner and running as fast as you can towards a wire with a button size whole attached to it and trying to get a pencil like a piece of metal through the hole. It was pretty hilarious watching most of us fail miserably. The funny thing is that the game is a downsized version of an actual Costa Rican sport. After that eventful day, it was time to go home to our wonderful homestay family.