Location: La Carpio and Piedades

With the start of a new day, everyone gathered at the rancho where everyone piled on the bus. We made a quick stop to meet with Gail and then we walked over to the soon to be library. Some of us stayed at the library to work on a mural and others went to work on a construction project at a local home. The pounding of hammers could be heard throughout La Carpio. We were enthusiastic about our endeavor. It was a new experience to build a wall for a home. While we worked on the mural, we gave the kids chalk, and they used they colored the street while we worked on the building walls. Since the space will be used for both a library and plant nursery we wanted to convey both in our mural. Not so easy. Especially with the threat of rain for the late afternoon, but thankfully we had accomplished quite a bit before our departure time. Once again on the bus, we headed for a late afternoon shopping excursion. On the way, we cured a little homesickness at McDonald’s. Then we went to a souvenir market.