Location: The Andes

Today the group was split up into two groups. One group spent the day horseback riding, and the other went to a local school to do community service. The horseback riding group rode up the mountain to a cheese factory and got the chance to taste a couple of fresh cheeses. After we continued riding toward a cloud forest where we ate lunch and went on a short hike. We then rode down back to the hotel. The other group that went to the local school helped Andreas, the owner of the Black Sheep Inn, build a decomposing toilet. Some had the task of mixing cement, while others had the task of laying bricks. They worked up until the horses came back, then went back to the Black Sheep Inn. We then proceeded to a small round-robin volleyball tournament. After dinner we went to the yoga room and had a short question and answer session with Andreas, answering any questions we had about the eco-lodge or how it began. We then headed off to bed to get a good night sleep for tomorrow’s activities.