Location: The Andes

After breakfast, we walked to the towns local school to help build a composting toilet as the other half of the group went horseback riding as we did yesterday. Andres and his workers asked us to mix cement and help them with little tasks such as moving cement, cutting metal bars and stacking blocks. We had a fun lunch break during which we played games (ninja, two truths and a lie, and much more. In the afternoon, we mixed cement and added more layers of bricks to the construction. At the end of the day, it was awesome seeing the work we had accomplished. As the trip is coming to an end, we had an interesting discussion about what we had learned about different communities in the last three weeks. We also had our second-to-last Olympics event, which was gymnastics. It was nice to see how much effort everyone had put into their performance and to discover amazing talents among Lifeworkers. After that, we had dinner and called it a night due to our hard work that day. We all still can’t quite believe this trip is coming to an end!