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Location: Urubamba


Author: Location: Urubamba Today was a day full of new experiences and opportunities to try different things. First we went to a ceramics store where we watched a lady make pottery from rock, then we attempted to make bowls on a pottery wheel. Next, we got to paint our own piece and keep it. Some of us were more talented then others, myself for example completely ruined the pot. Then we went to a chocolate factory where we learned how to make chocolate. We got to try the cocoa beans which were surprisingly bitter and we also got to try the chocolate made of peanuts, sugar, and cocoa which was also very bitter. After that, we went to the coffee bean presentation. The woman gave us samples of coffee and explained the process of growing the beans. We were also given the opportunity to buy the coffee beans. The last place we went to to see a demonstration was a honey making farm. They showed us the bees and let people hold a honey comb. After the presentation about how honey is made, we participated in a harvest ceremony with a shaman. It was a new experience for everyone. We had lunch at the honey farm and it was followed by a siesta. After lunch our day was basically over, we had a yummy dinner and a heated debate over feminism. We leave for Aguas Calientes tomorrow and we are all very excited.