Location: Ollantaytambo

Author: Monica Location: Ollantaytambo Today was full of celebration and new experiences for everyone. We started the day by returning to the school where we built the greenhouse. We came earlier than usual so that we could prepare and serve breakfast for the children and their parents. Upon getting there, some people played with the kids while others made the food. After breakfast, everyone made an effort to entertain the kids with fun activities such as volleyball, bracelet making, face painting, Playdough, and soccer. Then, the kids started practicing the skit they were going to present to us. We also practiced a short skit about the steps of making the greenhouse. Then it came time for the presentations. The kids dressed up in costumes for their skit, and it was about the Incas. It was adorable watching them act it out. After, we performed our skit and acted out the building process. Once the skits were over, the kids and director of the school had a dedication ceremony for us by the greenhouse and everyone was so appreciative for the work we had done. Towards the end, we had lunch, which included trying guinea pig, said our goodbyes, gave lots of hugs and left. After coming back to the hostel, we went out shopping in the town of Ollantaytambo. We all met up for dinner and had a delicious meal to end our day.