Location: Xi'an, China

This morning we arrived in Xi’an from an overnight train around 4:45 am. It was a very interesting experience, especially trying to use squat toilets on the train! We went back to our hotel and slept for a few hours and then headed out for a fun, full-packed day in Xi’an! We went to the Terra Cotta Warrior Museum. It was unreal to witness something that is so deep in China’s history with my very own two eyes. It’s crazy to think that one man had all of this built for him. After lunch, we headed off to the Muslim Street Market and did some damage shopping! We have some good bargainers on our trip, that’s for sure! For dinner, we went to the fanciest Pizza Hut any of us have ever seen! It was scrum-diddley-umptious! We headed back to our hotel and went to bed super early to prepare for the day ahead! Overall it was a great day.