Location: Xi'an, China

Today on tour the roads were treacherous. Literally. After a quick Starbucks run and some breakfast, the day began with a bike ride around the Xi An city wall. Though the road was bumpy and the bikes were squeaky, the riders were as determined as ever. After nine long, sweaty, uncomfortably humid miles of cycling, there was no clear leader. The yellow shirt remains unworn.

This ordeal was followed by a delectable lunch at an Opera House. The food was plentiful as was the laughter. All had fun. A short bus ride took the riders from their eating establishment to the Provincial Museum where they were educated about the lives and toils of Ancient Chinese People. The bikers went from there to the train station where they awaited their train in the VIP room. 

The night train was an experience of a lifetime. Whether it was good or bad is up for debate, but it was surely an experience the cyclists will never forget. They sang merry tunes for all the train to hear and slurped ramen to their hearts’ desire. Sleep came as a blessing for most as the day had been long and difficult.

One question remains: Do horses get songs stuck in their heads? 


We will keep our loyal readers informed on our research on the topic.

Shalom, for now, my friends.