Location: Bangkok

Today was a whirlwind of great moments. We found ourselves at the DPF kindergarten surrounded by a little more than a hundred kids clapping, smiling and laughing. We were of course given a welcome performance after introducing ourselves. The children did their routine for us, and we were pretty easily talked into joining their hula hoop dance and had such a blast trying to mimic the children’s performance. We were then split into five groups, each group with four Lifeworks volunteers and roughly twenty kids. The school had organized five activities for us to rotate through every twenty minutes. My group started with arts and crafts where we painted ceramic creatures. We then moved onto musical chairs, which got a little competitive. We were pretty relieved to find out that our next activity “ice blaster” was not actually twenty children throwing ice at us but instead, a civilized snow cone party. Ball and spoon followed that where we were challenged to have two spoons instead of one and I’m happy to report that we succeeded and last but not least we all made sandwiches. We all had one last dance around before the children had lunch which we helped dish out and then all headed upstairs for nap time.