Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was filled with eye-opening experiences. We woke up still super tired from the dog show from yesterday. We had wonderful French toast for breakfast cooked by our two chefs Dara and Leila. We then slowly worked on our jobs and cleaned the boat and the plates. After our jobs Torin introduced us to plastic wastes with videos and documentaries. When Torin finished introducing and telling us about plastic we took a small trip on to shore. Then we took a short hike across Virgin Gorda to a rocky beach facing the Atlantic Ocean. The beach seemed pretty clean and Torin told us to stand on the different spots throughout the beach and pick up plastic things at that spot. As soon as I moved the first pebble about three plastic straws pop out of the rocks. As we each dug through each layers of rocks and pebbles more plastic things starts to emerged from the surface. After ten minutes of digging for plastic we filled up the entire garbage bag. We hiked back to the Savannah bay and swam for an hour.

At 12:30we arrive back at our sailboat and set sail for Long Bay. It was a very short trip and we arrived at Long Bay at 1:00. We then ate tuna sandwiches and then cleaned up the boat and plates like every meal. Torin then showed us a presentation about how to hunt and find Lion Fish and how to catch turtles. The presentation also showed us about how much the Lion Fish affected the Coast of North and South America on the Atlantic side. After this we went turtle tagging for about two hours. We chased after a tiny turtle at first, but it disappeared with the water and we also chased after one of the biggest turtles I’ve seen in my life. Unfortunately, it got away again after 40 minutes of chasing the turtle. After chasing and looking for turtles for two hours we had a nice long shower. We had a little free time before one of the largest feast we had on the boat during my whole entire trip. We then learned how to tie four different kind of knots and then we went to bed.