Location: Anegada

Today was crazy fun and action-packed day. This morning we woke up bright and early in Anegada and headed straight to the island. We meet this amazing herpetologist, named Kelly; there was not a single question about reptiles that she could not answer. After hiking through parts of Anegada and learning about all the plants’ animals that are indigenous and not indigenous to the island, Kelly then took us to where all the research takes place; There were cages filled with many cool iguanas, some big, some small, and some interestingly textured. We learned about how Kelly and her team catch these iguanas and protect them from dangerous feral cats, which are unnatural to the island. After spending the morning learning all about these one of a kind reptiles, I was super excited to eat lunch at Loblolly‚Äôs. The restaurant had an amazing and positive atmosphere, there where cute orange hammocks and really pretty beaches on both sides of the restaurant. After eating all my chicken fingers and fries, we headed to the beach and spent the rest of the day snorkeling, tanning and having a fun beach day. This day was filled with many funny and memorable events, but by far the best part of the day was when Megan accidentally fell in the water during her intense dance on the deck. Also, Hi mom and dad I love and miss you, see you soon!

Bye, Bella