Location: Anegada

Today was a fairly relaxed day as most of the day was spent relocating to our new location: Leverick Bay. Everyone received their phones and, upon arriving at the bay’s harbor (via our dinghies), we had plenty of time to tour the island. While everyone called home to check up on parents and friends, most people went to a grocery store to stock up on necessities – such as snacks. I enjoyed a freshly made turkey and cheese sandwich (also bought at the grocery store) which I shared with one of my friends. The remaining hours in Leverick Bay we spent taking silly selfies and hanging around on the dock. For the majority of the afternoon, we sailed to Anegada. Some of us enjoyed watching the waves splash by, while others played cards, or even took a well-deserved nap. Mexican night soon followed – and in my opinion was one of the best dinners we have had so far (shout out to Darius and Sasha for being amazing cooks). The day concluded with a fun “team-building” activity in which we asked each other some questions which all revolved around the theme of how we approach problems we might encounter in everyday life and cause a ripple effect. After that ended, we continued playing games until late in the evening which I found to be one of the day’s highlights.

Signing off, Dan!