Location: Pacuare River

We woke up to a special surprise of crunchy bacon. After an enjoyable breakfast, we got changed and ready for our day of rafting. Before rafting, we decided to join in on a walk to a waterfall. Unfortunately, the walk was canceled due to unknown reasons. After each of us completed our independent “sesh,” we walked to the river and got in our rafts. We went on our way down the river, going through higher level rapids and smiling at the paparazzi. We survived the rapids and made it to the end of the river. We celebrated with a great lunch, and then we headed on a long bus ride back to San Jose. As we went along the road, we enjoyed our relaxation hour. We enjoyed the night views of the city and talked about musicals, movies, and songs, while others enjoyed sleeping. Soon we arrived at our host families houses. We met our new moms and families and went our separate ways for the night.