Location: Pacuare River

After an early morning, we headed for the white water rafting at 6:00. When we arrived, we were greeted by Enrico’s twin and some breakfast. Our bags were put into the lockers for safekeeping, and then the adventure began! At 8:30, we had a beautiful drive along the mountainside where we saw some magnificent views and sloths in their natural habitats. When we finally arrived at the starting point of the rafting, we gathered together for a safety “sesh.” We geared up, and then met our instructor Nina (the first female rafting guide in Costa Rica). We practiced some commands, and then the adventure began. Some of us were first-timers, but soon, everyone was confident that they were going to have a good time. One, Two, One, Two; these were the words that were chanted during our coast along the white waters. Until we were greeted by a giant rock… Tj was the first to be taken by the wild white waters, but soon enough we all got swept away one by one. Nina wrestled the raft alone, while others swam to shore and got rescued by the safety raft. Once Nina tackled the raft back in the vigorous rapids, she saved us one by one. After an hour of attacking the waves, we arrived at our lunch area. Before lunch, we jumped off of a massive 20-foot boulder right into the river to float down to our lunch spot.

As expected, only one got injured… Neethi (a slightly scraped shin). Thankfully, Enrico was close by with “something for that.” After a delicious lunch, we continued our rafting journey, and soon, we finally arrived at the lodge. Still filled with energy, we continued the day by jumping into the swimming hole at the lodge, playing cards, and hammocking. When our first dinner of something other than beans and rice was over, we made Enrico’s night by playing werewolf (the classic kindergarten leveled game, also known as mafia). Later, we went to our bunk beds to rest for another long day of rafting.