Location: Thailand

Today was a very tiring and mentally strenuous day. Last night was an interesting night, as we stayed at a guest house run by some family members of the people that run the orphanage where we were staying, and this involved Styrofoam mattresses. Some of us felt sleep deprived in the morning, but the day started to get a little better when we were given doughnuts for breakfast. Our moods were uplifted after having a sweet breakfast and seeing what lovely weather we were blessed with; the sun came out even during the rainy season! After breakfast, we were herded upstairs for our discussion of issues facing youth with the Thai teens; I was surprised to find out that there were many commonalities between problems in our countries. We both agreed that substance abuse and body image were major problems for teens in both Thailand and America. After our discussion, we had a brief snack break before we began our crafts. With our buddy, we made both a necklace and key chain as gifts for each other with beautiful beads. As craft making concluded, we were all delighted to be served an authentic Thai lunch from the orphanage. Although lunch was appetizing, our attentions were diverted from the food towards the tiny Thai orphans.

Exchanging hellos and names with the children, we went back upstairs to play the game of bees and hives. Bees and hives was a very interesting game where some people were bees and others hives and there was a lot of switching before we figured out that the point was not to get eliminated by being left out of a hive. It was very amusing and rewarding to play with the children. Once the game finished up, we judged the competition for the best handshake with our Thai buddies, and best buddy photo. We all left the orphanage and commenced our three-hour journey back to Bangkok. Arriving at the hotel around four in the afternoon, all of us Lifeworkers were pleased to see nice hotel rooms and have a quick break before dinner. The group decided that American food would be a comforting reward after our experience at the orphanage, so we went out for burgers. We left the restaurant stuffed and excited to see the market that lined the roads that led back to the hotel. Lots of gifts were bought and we came back to the hotel satisfied with the day and our purchases.